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Rei laboratorium - qualified equipment and consumables supplier for Lithuanian laboratories.

Rei laboratorium was founded in 2015, however we have a long time experience in the field of laboratory supply, providing food industries, medicine, veterinary, scientific research, education institutions with our products. Due to our expertise we give clients confidence in our supplied production, its quality and competent delivery.

Rei laboratorium distributes laboratory equipment and consumables from many European and global manufacturers, selected in accordance with their high quality production. Our suppliers are German, Italian, Swiss, Danish, Japanese manufacturers. 

While providing laboratory equipment, our firm is responsible to maintain its high quality even after the purchase. This way we supply only value-maintaining equipment , whose reliable operation is guaranteed by our service. Rei laboratorium carries out laboratory equipment service and repair - of laboratory autoclaves, freezers, climatic chambers, laminar flow hoods and others. To our clients we offer equipment inspections and performance sertificates, consult in the event of equipment failure.


Phone:  +37069991725

I-IV  8:00 – 17:00; V 8:00 – 16:00

For any questions, please get it touch with us using listed contacts or fill out the following form.

MB "Rei laboratorium"

Odminiu 11-15, LT-01122 Vilnius

​Registration No: 302883566

VAT code: LT100009144818

Account No: LT504010051002227489

Luminor bank AB

Bank code 40100


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